Don’t know much about history. Don’t know much about anything at all.


Shake your head in wonderment or face-palm at your leisure at the sheer derpiness of this:


When someone reminded her of women’s suffrage,  here is how she responded:

They’re not ‘belittling’ you because you’re an anti-feminist, or even because you’re a woman. They’re doing it because you’re idiot.

Bless your heart.

That’s right “Single Ladies,” We don’t need permission to register everyone we know and vote the neanderthals out in 2014! REGISTER, VOTE!

That’s right “Single Ladies,” We don’t need permission to register everyone we know and vote the neanderthals out in 2014! REGISTER, VOTE!

BREAKING! Another Iraq war vote coming. My Rep. Barbara Lee and Alan Grayson will for SURE vote “NO” but you need to start the pressure NOW on your own Congress person! Read for details!



I have some big news. The U.S. House of Representatives is going to vote on whether to send combat forces to Iraq. Yes, I’ve checked the date, and yes, it’s 2014.

My colleague, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, will offer two amendments on the defense spending bill today or tomorrow. Both of…

If you like penis coladas, and you have half a brain



Oh, Rick Perry.

The smart glasses aren’t working.

OUR GREAT FRIEND ALAN spells it out for you — this is a wonderful opportunity! “Don’t blow it.”



Jimi Hendrix Platinum Album Award, Wall Hook Not Included.

Thanks to Howie Klein of Blue America PAC, you have a chance to win a Jimi Hendrix Platinum Album Award, for the album “Are You Experienced?”

Let me put this in context, so you recognize just how mind-boggling this…


Five amazing Harvey Milk quotes that are too long to fit on his new stamp.


We have a chance — perhaps the last chance — to use cheap borrowing to invest in priorities that will never be this affordable again. For example, taking advantage of low rates and enacting a large infrastructure program would actually save money in the long-term, while strongly supporting economic recovery right now.

Don’t miss your chance to own this absolutely rare RIAA-certified Platinum Award for “Are You Experienced?” that Howie is graciously offering up to a lucky donor to Alan Grayson’s reelection campaign! This is what we do. Mix art and politics to make life more interesting! Thanks for helping shape our Democracy.



But Jimi Hendrix could.

This week, and this week only, Blue America PAC is offering Grayson supporters a chance to win a Jimi Hendrix platinum album plaque – if you contribute now. I’m going to let Blue America explain this one itself:

There is no other member of the House like…